Spinning it around

EigenDraads already started to turn ambition into reality. The non-rewearable share of the garments left behind at the start of the 2019 Rotterdam marathon were collected. After removing hardware (zippers and buttons) in the local sheltered workshop, the textile is turned into polyester yarn in collaboration with a recycler and a spinner. The result will be presented in 2020.

September and October 2020

As announced in the previous post, EigenDraads has some extra (student) helping hands these weeks. This for instance allows us to literally deep-dive into the characteristics of textile waste streams with students of the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. In the past weeks, we visited Euro Used Clothing and Gebotex and inventoried the valueless textile waste streams to find out which raw materials and types of garments they contain. A crucial exercise in order to further specify the problem we are trying to solve!

Photos by Floris Vogelpoel

July and August 2020

Even though Hilde and Remi enjoyed summer breaks, we have some exciting developments to announce! The T-shirt we produced using recycled textiles from the marathon has arrived. We are now looking for the best location to showcase the shirt together with the City of Rotterdam.

Besides, Hilde was on the radio twice at Radio Rijnmond. The first episode focused on textile consumption in general and the opportunities for chemical recycling of textiles in the Rotterdam area. In the second episode, Hilde presented the activities of EigenDraads to accelerate the transition to circularity.

And, last but not least, Floris Vogelpoel joined the EigenDraads team as an intern. You can read all about Floris and his work on the “Who we are” page on our website. Floris is not the only student joining our efforts, as students from the Erasmus University and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences started projects for EigenDraads in September as well. These students will contribute to the feasibility study EigenDraads is leading for textile recycling in the Rotterdam area. The EigenDraads team is thrilled to have such brind minds joining their efforts!

June 2020

You might have seen it on the news: the Corona crisis was considered an ideal time to clean out wardrobes by many, resulting in large quantities of disposed textile in the Netherlands (as well as abroad). As described on this website, the majority of discarded textile is normally exported abroad. This was unfortunately not possible during the crisis, and a destination for discarded textiles was needed within the Netherlands. The situation illustrated the importance of textile recycling solutions within the country. Hilde discussed the topic in Studio Circulair. Besides, EigenDraads was featured in an article by the blog Voor de Wereld van Morgen.

March 2020

And then Corona hit… After a flying start of the year presenting our approach to the Councilor in January (see previous blog), the marathon of Rotterdam was cancelled as a measure against the spread of the Coronavirus. EigenDraads pushes forward and is – together with the City of Rotterdam – assessing the next best possibility to present the garment that was created using textile waste from last year’s marathon. To be continued!

January 2020

The EigenDraads team is connected to the City of Rotterdam through various channels including the CityLab010 programme. On Friday January 24th, EigenDraads was presented to Arno Bonte, the city’s Councilor for Sustainability. In a joint session with BlueCity Lab and Awearness Kollektif we discussed the urgency and potential of a solution for used textiles. Through actual clothing mountains we visualised what happens to textile waste from Rotterdam and showed the potential of the local last resort for textiles EigenDraads envisions.

December 2019

Combining EigenDraads with part time jobs and other freelance projects, we longed for a fixed day and location for our EigenDraads activities. The location was a no-brainer so since January 2020 we joined the BlueCity community. BlueCity is located in the former Tropicana subtropical swimming paradise and hosts numerous start-ups in the circular economy. We certainly feel at home in this beautiful, inspiring location!

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