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We are EigenDraads, an initiative that started in Rotterdam to valorize valueless textiles. Textiles that are discarded by consumers and companies of course need to be reworn as much as possible. However, a growing share of discarded textiles no longer holds a value on the second-hand market. Based on an inventory of the characteristics of these valueless textiles, we map the challenge and explore potential solutions. While some of these valueless textiles can be turned into new yarn through mature technologies like mechanical recycling, a significant share of these textiles are left without a valuable destination. We aim to spin the current system around, starting in Rotterdam, a major transit port for used textiles. To reach this goal we raise awareness on the consequences of the current system amongst governments, industry and consumers, and show the potential benefits of changed behaviours and innovation to turn valueless textiles into valuable resources. And that is not all. Together with regional value chain players and governments we investigate the potential of chemical textile recycling in the port of Rotterdam, with the aim to realize a textile recycling hub. In the Rotterdam spirit: we aim to make it happen.

On the picture: Hilde van Duijn (EigenDraads), Arno Bonte (Rotterdam’s vice mayor for sustainability) and Remi Veldhoven (former EigenDraads)

What we do

Our new old shirt!

Chemical textile recycling is not a distant future dream, as promising technologies are in development to turn valueless textiles into valuable resources. To materialise their promise we turned garments left behind at the start of the 2019 Rotterdam marathon into a new jersey, together with US-based recycler ambercycle. A single garment, yet a huge step towards recycling at scale.


The Rotterdam region offers a promising ecosystem of sorters, suppliers and potential buyers of by-products. The potential of the region as a place of business for chemical textile recycling is shown in the Bidbook we are developing.

Coalition of the willing

United in a coalition of the willing, stakeholders from industry and government are exploring the feasibility and potential effects of a textile recycling hub in the Rotterdam region.


We provide training, presentations and quick scans to raise awareness amongst companies, governments and consumers on the growing mountain of valueless textiles current practices are creating and the urgency for changes behaviour ánd supply chain innovation.

Our partners

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